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Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and L.A.

So dieses mal schreibe ich in engisch, für die die es nicht verstehen können es ja in einen übersetzter eingeben ...

Today was the first day of the YFU West Adventure. Although we were tired, because of the long flight to the fabulous Las Vegas, we enjoyed a terrific meal at an Italian Restaurant After an entertaining and educating instruction by our Coordinator, Raphael, we got on one of our 6 HUMMER LIMOS and went to the famous “WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS” sign. We took a group picture and left to watch the incredible water show in front of the Bellagio. After that we went to see the biggest LED TV screen in the world. A dressed up guy like the lead singer of the band KISS was the center of attention. After a couple minutes of free time we headed “home” partying in our Hummers. All in all it was a FUN DAY!


This morning we woke up, super excited for this day after spending the night with new friends that we just met. Starting the day with a big breakfast, we were ready to experience Vegas. The buses took us along he strip and finally dropped us off at the Bellagio. We had two hours of free time to discover the City. At 1 o’clock we met to take a group picture in front of the Bellagio. Then we had two more hours to walk up and down the Las Vegas boulevard. Next stop, Hard Rock Hotel. The buses took us there. After some time there, we headed over to the Stratosphere, 108 floors up in the air we had an amazing view over the whole city. Some of us also had the chance to go on crazy rides. After we have taken tons of pictures, we went down to have a wonderful, huge buffet for dinner. Satisfied, we could choose between going to the hotel or back to the Strip for one more hour.Now completely tired, but happy, we just want to go to bed, so we get enough sleep for the rest of this awesome, beautiful, wonderful, unbelievable, super-exciting, incredible trip.

Today we went to the Grand Canyon, Arizona.
It was amazing! As there were a lot of mountains and also the different surroundings it made us amazed! It was awesome how we got to visit one of the world’s 7 wonders. On the way from Vegas to the Grand Canyon we also stopped by at Hoover Dam! It was so pretty with 2 big bridges across it. Arizona is so unique in its own way. For lunch we went to this Western Restaurant where it was like a farm, seemed like a cowboy village. After visiting the famous Grand Canyon, we returned to Las Vegas, Nevada, where we went to Excalibur Casino for dinner and we had a great buffet. We had some free time after dinner, and my friend and I went to New York, New York Casino to take some pictures and got on a roller coaster! It was soooo much fun! XD

Today, Dec 12, we left Las Vegas (which my friends have talked about it and they said it was a LOT OF FUN – and it was). I really didn’t know if I wanted to stay there the whole trip, or come to Los Angeles, but here we go… It was a long trip – five hours in the bus! But we got to play a fun game called “Scavenger Hunt”, which I thing it’s a very good idea just to spend time and have fun. We also watched two movies, and had a little lunch break. Then we finally arrived in CALIFORNIA! We were listening to the song “California girls”. Yes, I had all the enthusiasm =) The first thing we did was to go to “BEVERLY HILLS”, and what a beautiful place! Seriously… they were not kidding when they picture those gorgeous places in famous program or movies. We were all hoping to see any famous people or, at least, famous singers… but we didn’t have the chance to find them. We saw the fancy cars, stores, people, clothes… everything was good there, even the weather was pretty nice – we got to be 77 F. Far that reason, it felt a lot like home… and it’s a good feeling sometimes.Then we went on a city tour and  went to the Venice Beach. Everyone was so excited. I think it was because we were on the beach. I really think it was pretty neat to listen to the sounds of the waves and the pretty colors of the beach! Have a good night and tomorrow we will tell you more. After our first night in the new hotel we were all excited for the new day in Los Angeles. We started the day with a nice bus ride through the Los Angeles traffic and finally reached Hollywood. Our first stop was the Walk of Fame to visit the famous Madame Tussauds. We took a lot pictures with VIP’s from Barrack Obama to Nicole Kidman. When we was done in Madame Tussauds we had a little bit time to visit the Walk of Fame and take pictures with actors all over the Hollywood Boulevard. At the same time Hans Zimmer got his star and we had the chance to see a real VIP in Hollywood. From one moment to the other our time in Hollywood was done and we drove with the buses to the Huntington Beach where the famous TV show OC is placed. We had a couple hours’ time at the beach to play ballgames, go shopping or only watch the American life on the beach with a lot surfers and athletes. The most people were in the water too and had a fun time to play with the waves. At 4:30 we drove back to the hotel to warm up in the pool or hot tub. After we all took a shower and was nice styled for the evening we went out for dinner. We had a nice dinner and a little bit time to go to the mall. That was our first complete day in California!!

 On thursday , we went to the universal studio park. We saw many show, by example Shrek 4-D or we went trough a haunted house. that was really scary. We aso gad a tour with somebody through the whole studio , she told us how they make movies and the special things in it. it was an awesome day there. At the evening we had our dinner at the hard rock cafe in hollywood. After the great day we had a pool party, of course that was our last night. 

at the next day, friday, some students get up at 4 o'clock , so me .i was at the airport at 5.  and my flight was at 7.23 . i was finally home at 23 o'clock.

That was a very nice and awsome week for me.

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Gundula (12.12.10 11:04)
Hallo liebe Sassi,
das war ja eine sehr ereignisreiche Woche. Einiges davon kommt uns sehr bekannt vor, allerdings ist das 19 Jahre her.

Es war auch eines unserer schönsten Reisen die wir erlebt haben nach Californien. Wir würden sie jederzeit wiederholen. Wir hatten allerdings 4 Wochen Zeit um duch Californien zu fahren.
Seid ihr etwa mit den Hummer gefahren???
Wir freuen uns sehr das du die Zeit genießt und so viele tolle Erlebnisse hast.
Wir lieben dich
Papa und Mama

Sassi (12.12.10 20:34)
ja wir sind mit dem Hummer gefahren War richtig toll.
HAst du das bei google üebersetzter eingeben oder wusstest du das englische alles ?

Gundula (13.12.10 16:13)
nee nee nee allet übasetzen kann ick ja nich. Wozu jibt et nen Translator

Wir waren gestern mit Ömchen und Öpchen auf einen ganz schönen Weihnachtsmarkt. Wir haben ihnen natürlich deinen Blockeintrag übersetzt zu Oma und Opa mitgenommen.

Oma war ganz entsetzt, dass du alles auf Englisch geschrieben hast. Ich habe Oma dann davon überzeugt, dass es klasse ist wie toll du jetzt Englisch schreiben kannst.


Liebe Grüße

Sassi (14.12.10 01:49)
Hahahaha , danke
Ich vermisse Weihnachtsmarkt , Stolle und Glühwein

Sassi (25.12.10 05:24)
Why do you appreciate my work ?
Yes of course , i will keep it up !


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